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Appt. 13, 487 Avenue Mohammed V Hassan – Rabat
Mobile: (212) 661 34 34 55
Telephone: (212) 537 66 1359
                          Email 1:chtatou@gmail.com
                          Email 2:mchtatou@yahoo.com


June 1977  BA with honors (License es-lettres) in English Language and Literature                 Faculty of Letters, University Mohammed V. Rabat-Morocco

June 1978 Diploma in General Linguistics University  College London, University of London  London-England

June 1980 Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Linguistics with Special Reference                 to Berber Language ,School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.London – England

Oct. 1982Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Linguistics and African Languages              London, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.             London – England

Sep. 1985Certificate in Language Testing in Arabic and French Educational Testing Service (ETS), Princeton.New Jersey – USA


1972-74 Teacher of English at the Institut Al-Irfane Rabat – Morocco         
1974-76 Teacher of Moroccan and Modern Standard Arabic to Peace Corps Volunteers. Rabat – Morocco   
1975-77 Teacher of Moroccan and Modern Standard Arabic to American Embassy Staff.Rabat – Morocco

1980-81 Consultant to Middle East and North Africa Studies Press (MENAS) on Middle Eastern and North African affairs. London – England

  • Preparation of Briefs on Political and Economic subjects;
  • Advising on cross-cultural matters; and
  • Translation of political, economic, and legal materials into Arabic and French.

1981-82 Contributor (both regular and free-lance) to cultural programmes for the BBC Arabic Service and the BBC French Africa Service.London – England

  • Preparation of material for cultural programmes;
  • Research into cultural and historical affairs; and
  • Interviewing.

1982-83 Press Officer for International Reporting Information Systems (IRIS).London – England

  • Evaluating political situation in the Mideast and preparing commentaries on the political, economic and social issues; and
  • Drawing up briefs on the area for international organisations and companies.

Sum. 1982 Supervisor of Arabic Mother-Tongue Teaching Scheme organised for the children of the Moroccan Community Inner London Education Authority (ILEA). London – England

Oct. 82-Arabic Language Instructor for Hammersmith and North London – England                                      

June 83 Kensington Adult Education Institute-Isaac Newton School & Fox School.London – England              

  • Organisation of curriculum;
  • Counseling of students; and
  • Organisation of cultural activities.

1982-83  Advisor to Tarbiya (Social Organization for Moroccan immigrants in London).London – England

  • Organisation of cultural activities.

Spr. 1983Supervisor of Second Arabic Mother Tongue Teaching Scheme organised for the children of Moroccan Community Inner London Education Authority (ILEA). London – England

1983 Supervisor of various teachers’ training courses and workshops on Mother-Tongue teaching, Bilingualism and Multi – Ethnic education organised by Inner London Education Authority (ILEA).London – England

1983Contributor to Middle East Consultants and G.F. Hancock, Ltd. London – England                       

  • Evaluation of markets in the Middle East and North Africa;
  • Research into political and economic matters in these areas.

April 1983Contributor to Al Majalla magazine   London – England                                                     

  • Research into the Muslims of Soviet Central Asia;
  • Preparation of an 80-page article which was serialised in the magazine and published with photographs.

1981-83Contributor to various newspapers and magazines on North African and Middle Eastern affairs.

  • Politics;
  • Economics;
  • Culture;
  • History;
  • Society; and
  • Language.

1983-88Interport Lecturer with  » Semester at Sea » organised by The University of Pittsburgh on board of the SS Universe.

  • Cross- cultural  activities;
  • Lectures on history;
  • Anthropology;
  • Sociology; and
  • Politics of the Middle East and North Africa.

Jan 1984- June 1984Researcher, America mideast Educational and Training Services, Inc.(AMIDEAST) Rabat – Morocco

  • Cataloging of Universities, training centers, and institutes of higherlearning in Morocco for the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

March 1984 – June 1984Cross-Culture Coordinator/Language Advisor Marine Fisheries Training Programme, Peace Corps.Casablanca – Morocco

June 1984Supervisor of language teachers’ training courses and workshops on teaching Arabic and French to non-native Morocco speakers,in addition to giving instruction on teaching methods and techniques.Rabat – Morocco

July-Sept. 1984Arabic language Coordinator, Omnibus Training (Comprising such programs as: rehabilitation, range management, renewable energy, aqua culture and vocational education),Peace Corps.Larache – Morocco

Nov. 1984Supervisor of Language teachers’ training courses and workshops on teaching Arabic and French to non-native speakers, in addition to giving instruction on teaching methods and techniques,Peace Corps.Rabat – Morocco

Dec. 1984 – Feb. 1985Cross-Culture/Language Coordinator, Rural Water Supply Training, Peace Corps.Azemmour – Morocco

March 1985Supervisor of language teachers’ training courses and on teaching Arabic and French to non – native speakers, in addition to giving instruction on teaching methods and techniques, Peace Corps. Rabat – Morocco

April 1985Consultant to Children’s Television Workshop on making television series  dealing with literacy for Arab children.Rabat – Morocco

June 1985 Supervisor of language teachers’ training courses and workshops on teaching  Arabic and French to non-native speakers, in addition to giving instruction on teaching methods and techniques, Peace Corps. Rabat Morocco

July-Sept.1985  Language Coordinator, TEFL and Rehabilitation training,Peace Corps Larache – Morocco

Oct. 1985Language Coordinator, Tunisia Training in Morocco,comprising such programmes as rehabilitation, bee – keeping and agriculture, Peace Corps. Temara – Morocco

Dec. 1985- March 1986Consultant to Conseil International de la Langue Française (CILF).Paris – France

March-June 1986Project Director/Cross – Culture coordinator of the Rural Water Supply Training, Peace Corps.Setat – Morocco

1986 Arabic textbook specialist, Peace Corps.Morocco

Dec-Feb 1987Project Director/Cross – Culture Coordinator of the Park Management /Wildlife/Animal Husbandry Training, Peace Corps Salé – Morocco

1987-2013International Expert at the Islamic Educational, Scientific,and Cultural Organization (ISESCO).Rabat -Morocco

Over the 26 years of work with this international Organization part of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) I have held the following positions:

  • 1987-1988 Expert in the Directorate of Education
  • 1988-1991 Director of the Documentation Centre and expert in the Directorate of Culture

Duties included: holding seminars and workshops and preparing briefs and programmes on:

Interfaith dialogue;

  • Dialogue of cultures and civilizations;
  • Student exchanges;
  • Celebration of Muslim cultural figures and capitals;
  • Cultural exchange between the
  • Muslim World and the West;
  • Cross-cultural capacity-building;
  • Cross-cultural education;
  • Improving the image of Islam in the West; and
  • Reviewing books of history and getting rid of stereotypes about Islam and the West.
    • 1991-2007 Expert in the Directorate of Education

    Duties included: holding seminars and workshops and preparing briefs and programmes on:

    • Primary, secondary and tertiary education;
    • Women literacy;
    • Curriculum design;
    • Training of Trainers (TOT);
    • Capacity-building of teachers;
    • Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers;
    • Education of girls and women in rural areas;
    • Women empowerment through education;
    • Special Education;
    • Health Education; and
    • Peace Education.
      • 2007-2009 Director of Planning and Strategies

      Duties included:

    • Preparing triennal plans of action;
    • Preparing 10 years medium plans of action;
    • Treating external feedback of implementation of programmes and activities and presenting briefs about it;
    • Coordinating external and internal evaluation;
    • Training organisation experts in techniques of evaluation;
    • Coordinating Member States feedback; and
    • Coordinating Member States needs and requirement in programmes and activities.
      • 2009-2013 Responsible of the Division of Relations and Cooperation with International Organizations

      Duties included:

      –          Coordinating cooperation efforts between the UN and OIC organisation systems

      –          Setting up cooperation activities with international organisations: UNESCO/WHO/FAO/UNEP/IFAD/UNICEF/UNDP/WIPO/WORLD BANK/WFP/ITU/UNOCPI/OIF/IOM/ILO/UNFPA/UNIDO/UNHCR/WMO/WREN/OHCHR/UNAOC/Council of Europe/British Council/African Development Bank/Amideast/ African Union/World Conference of Religions for Peace;

      –          Organisation and supervision of the Fellowship Programmeof the United Nations Alliance of Civilization in the Arab World;

      –          Organised ISESCO/UNAOC Member States meetings held at ISESCO Headquarters;

      –          Represented ISESCO at UNAOC meetings and conferences;

      –          Represented ISESCO at inter-faith conferences worldwide

      –          Represented ISESCO at the meetings of joint commission with international organizations;

      –          Lectured at various summer university programmes on:

      ♦Islamic culture

      ♦Islamic-West cultural dialogue

      ♦Dialogue of cultures and civilizations


      1989                 Co-founder of the International Institute for Higher                                           Rabat,

      Education in Morocco (IIHEM).                                                                                  Morocco

      Administrator and board of trustees member of the

      International Institute for Higher Education.


      1989                 Co-founder of the Groupe Atlas, a private institution for                                    Rabat,

      pre-school, primary and secondary education.                                                             Morocco


      Oct. 1989-        Lecturer in Cultural Studies at the International Institute for                              Rabat,

      2010                 Higher Education in Morocco. –IIHEM-                                                                  Morocco            


      Oct. 1996-        Lecturer in general and Arabic linguistics(Arabic for Non-Native                       Rabat,

      2006                Speakers from the Muslim world) at the Faculté des Sciences                                     Morocco

      de l’Education, Université Mohammed V-  Souissi.

      1999-2005        Director-at-large of University Seminars International-USI-                              Miami, Florida


      Oct. 2004         Co-founder of the Mali International Higher Education Institute.                      Bamako, Mali


      2000- Present  Political analyst and freelance journalist with Moroccan Radio                            Jeddah

      and Television and radio Jeddah of Saudi Arabia                                                  Saudi Arabia


      Seminars and workshops

      Conducted seminars and workshops in the following countries:



      –          Morocco;

      –          Algeria;

      –          Tunisia;

      –          Libya;

      –          Egypt;

      –          Mauritania;

      –          Sudan;

      –          Senegal;

      –          Gambia;

      –          Mali;

      –          Niger;

      –          Tchad;

      –          Benin;

      –          Togo;

      –          Uganda;

      –          Kenya; and

      –          South Africa.



      –          Saudi Arabia;

      –          Yemen;

      –          Qatar;

      –          Bahrain;

      –          UAE;

      –          Palestine;

      –          Jordan;

      –          Lebanon;

      –          Iran;

      –          Bangladesh;

      –          Malaysia; and

      –          Indonesia.



      –          Spain;

      –          France;

      –          Belgium;

      –          Holland;

      –          Germany;

      –          United Kingdom;

      –          Greece;

      –          Turkey;

      –          Malta; and

      –          Norway.



      –          United States.




      Conducted through evaluations of the following institutions and systems:

      1997:Conducted an evaluation of the Palestine Authority educational system;

      2004:Conducted an evaluation of the Islamic University of Uganda situated in the northen city of Mbale;

      2012:Conducted an evaluation of the Literacy Centre of the city Sars Liyan in Egypt; and

      2012:Conducted an evaluation of the Literacy Centre of the city of Shandi.





      Master of Philosophy        “The Phonological System of The Berber Dialect of Adjir (Rif area Of

      (MPhil)                              Morocco).”


      Doctorate of Philosophy   “Aspects of the Phonology of a Berber Dialect of the Rif.”





      1977-80          Grant from the Ministry of Education of Morocco to study linguistics in


      Sum. 1979      Fellowship from Central Research Fund, University of London, to conduct

      research on Berber language and oral literature of the Rif area of Morocco.


      1980-82          Fellowship from the Ousley Memorial Fund, University of London, to continue

      research on a PhD program on Berber linguistics.




      • Fluency in:  – Berber

      –  Moroccan Arabic

      –  Modern Standard Arabic

      –  French

      –  English

      • Familiarity with: – Spanish

         – Maltese

         – Persian



      • Translation: Over twenty years experience in translation from Arabic into English and vice versa, and from Arabic into French and vice versa.


      • Interpreting: Over twenty years experience in interpreting from Arabic into English and vice versa, and from Arabic into French, and vice versa.




      1976              Angry Black Americans (Mimeographed)                                                                      Rabat,

                                Faculty of Letters – Mohamed V University.                                                            Morocco

      1980               The phonological system of the Berber dialect of Ajdir                                                           London,

      (Rif Area of Morocco), SOAS, University of London                                                  England

      1982              Aspects of the phonology of Berber dialect of the Rif, SOAS                                                   London,

                            University of London                                                                                                   England                              

      1983               The Forgotten Muslims of Soviet Central Asia                                                                   London,

                                Al-Majalla.                                                                                                                England

      1984              MoroccanArabic Technical lessons for Rehab: special ed                                                        Rabat,

      Peace Corps                                                                                                              Morocco

      1985              Introduction to Arabic Script                                                                                           Rabat,

                                 Peace Corps.                                                                                                           Morocco

      1985              Moroccan Arabic Textbook: Student Book                                                                        Rabat,

                                 Peace Corps.                                                                                                           Morocco

      1985              Moroccan Arabic Textbook: Teacher Book                                                                        Rabat,

                                 Peace Corps.                                                                                                           Morocco

      1992              Using Arabic Script in writing the languages of the people of Muslim Africa,                            Rabat,

      Institute of African Studies                                                                                         Morocco

      1997            Central-Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Region: similarities and differences,                   Athens,                        

                            Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP)                           Greece




      Published the equivalent of 50 articles in Arabic, French, English and Spanish in international journals in the following topics:

      ­       Phonology;

      ­       Sociolinguistics;

      ­       Literacy;

      ­       Education;

      ­       Higher Education;

      ­       Cultural anthropology;

      ­       Berber linguistics;

      ­       Arabic linguistics;

      ­       Berber Cultural anthropology;

      ­       Travel literature;

      ­       Interfaith dialogue;

      ­       Intercultural dialogue and communication;

      ­       Dialogue of civilizations;

      ­       Reading;

      ­       Moroccan culture and politics;

      ­       Maghreb culture and politics;

      ­       Introduction to Islam;

      ­       Islamic culture;

      ­       Cultural links between Europe and the Maghreb; and

      ­       Moroccan history


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